MagicCFG - SysCFG writing utility by @j4nf4b3l & @shen_zao

Easy editing

Easily edit the SysCFG Partition, located in a secret part of the NAND chip 

Wide device support

A wide range of iDevices are supported. And we will try to add support to more devices...

Free to use

MagicCFG is a free software.
Feel free to request new features, so we can make it better with every update

Based on "Purple" by @1nsane_dev

MagicCFG is based on the Purple tool by @1nsane_dev and uses the serial port of the iDevice to read and write to sysCFG on the NAND chip.

Make devices repairs more easy

MagicCFG can easily create a backup of the syscfg and flash them to new NAND chips.
Next to repairs, it's the most easiest way to upgrade your Storage (f.e. from 16GB to 128GB). You don't need the expensive NAND chip readers from far east to proceed. Only desolder the existing chip, replace with a bigger one which just need to be soldered on the motherboard. Then you can do everything else with MagicCFG

Give your iDevice a new life

Next to the repair features, there is even more to discover. 

Changing color of the bootscreen from black to white, unlock your WiFi iPad from iCloud and lot more functions will be added with every update.

The developer(s)

Jan Fabel

Developer of MagicCFG

Shen Zao

Tester & Translator of MagicCFG

Support us
MagicCFG is a free software and will be most likely free forever, but development is very time consuming
and test devices and other development-related things are expensive.
I'm still a student and have to study a lot but I love to spend my freetime for the development of MagicCFG and other cool apps.
If you like my work, I would be really thankful if you can support me with some bucks...
Atm I can only accept crypto currencies  because I need to be over 18 for Paypal and other payment services (I'm 17y).
Before sending the crypto, make sure to compare the adress with the adress under the QR-Codes!! 

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