Frequently Asked Questions

What is MagicCFG?
MagicCFG is a tool for editing the NAND partition where the system configuration of your iDevice is stored. It's a all in one utility which makes NAND-related iDevice-Repairs easier than ever for repair shops and technicians without the need of disassembling and desoldering any parts of your device.

How does it work?
With our "Diagitizer Diags Booting Utility" (short "DDBU"), you can boot your iDevice in the so called "Purple Mode", which makes the editing of the NAND syscfg partition possible. While your device is in this mode, a solid color (mostly Purple) will be shown on the screen.

What do I need for equipment?
To be able to use MagicCFG, you need a Mac or Hackintosh on macOS Mojave 10.14 or higher. macOS High Sierra is partly supported too, but some exploits aren't working on High Sierra.
For editing the sysCFG, you need a DCSD adapter or cable
(only A10+ devices can enable "usbserial", which makes modification without a DCSD possible)

The device failed exploiting, how to fix it?
MagicCFG is based on pre-written exploits (checkm8 based). These exploits can be unreliable and fail. If you get an exploiting error, reboot the device, re-connect it in DFU mode and retry.
To avoid exploiting issues, we recommend to install libusb over brew (

How to use NAND downgrade on iPad Air?
Check this blog entry...

Which DCSD should I buy?
There are multiple DCSD cables and adapters on the market.
MagicCFG fully support the ALEX DCSD cable and
our own MagicCFG DCSD adapter.
The so called "Magico DCSD", also advertised on AliExpress as "MagicCFG DCSD"
is NOT supported by our tool. It's a little piece of junk.

My device isn't supported, will it be supported in future?
MagicCFG supports a big range of devices already.
Our big goal is to add support for iPod touch 5 and 7, iPad Pro 1. Generation and iPhone 4 and 5S.
Please don't ask for device support for iPhones and iPads with A12+ chip, these devices won't be supported in future, because checkm8 is only compatible with A5 - A11.

My device failed sending iBoot (iPhone 7/7+/8/8+/X)?
To fix that issue temporary, click the power button for a second after iBSS is sent. Then it should continue the boot process successfully.

How can I support the development of MagicCFG?
You can donate over Paypal or with Cryptocurrencies :)