MagicCFG Recovery
Utility to restore lost sysCFG data

We are happy to announce our new small utility MagicCFG Recovery!
Using our software, you're able to recover lost sysCFG data due to NAND failtures or mistakes you did while editing the sysCFG.
The tool is free to use and financed through donations.
So if you want to help the development, feel free to donate with the options below.

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MagicCFG Recovery is able to recover specific values from the sysCFG even after a complete iOS restore.
Important values like Serial number, WiFi Mac Adress and Bluetooth Mac Adress can be restored without the need of external services with GSX Database access.

MagicCFG Recovery is checkra1n-based, your device need to be jailbroken before you can fetch the missing sysCFG data!!!

So what does this tool?

- Fetching SrNm, WMac & BMac
- Saving the data in a sysCFG backup file which can be restored over MagicCFG.

If you have feature requests, let me know and I may be able to add them...